Organic Rice
Buy from us a variety of organic rice, including golden Sella, Basmati and Sone white masoori. The rice can be used for making savory and sweet rice dishes.
Buy fresh vegetables from us for your supermarket, restaurant, hotel or catering business. Our company currently deals in fresh tomatoes.
Yellow maize is what you need to prepare grilled corn, corn chaat, corn salad, sweet corn, fresh sweet corn fritters, corn pizza and other dishes.
Stone Chips
Blue stone chips are a construction material required at construction sites. It is an important component in the production of concrete mixture used in the building and construction business.
Natural Honey
Honeybees produce golden, syrupy liquid called honey that we extract from their hives and process to supply to the market. Pasteurization is the processing technique applied to raw honey.
Natural Seeds
From jamun to mahua, find a variety of natural seeds at Dewark Agro Forest Pvt. Ltd. Our company can supply these seeds to food processing, pharmaceutical and other companies.